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Drums, Girls & Dangerous Pie by Jordan Sonnenblick

Steven loves playing his drums. He plays it every day whenever he can. He even plays for the school band and is the only eighth grade drummer to ever do so. Him and Annette, a prodigy on the piano, play for the same school band. Annette could be pretty annoying sometimes especially when he stops doing his homework.. but I won't go into that yet. He's had a huge crush on Renee since third grade. I think every boy has. She wears too much tight clothes for a thirteen year old. She acts kind of superior but turns out okay.
Now to the main part. The story starts off with him at his eighth grade reunion. Then he goes in to a journal entry he had earlier that year which was "The most annoying thing in the world." The most annoying thing in the world for him is his little brother Jeffery who since his Grandfather told him that he would be his protector he has done just that. He has protected his five year old little brother but what happens when he no longer can? He can't…

Ida B... and Her Plans to Maximize Fun, Avoid Disaster, and (Possibly) Save the World by Katherine Hannigan

Ida B is different than your average kid. She talks to trees for one and she hears them respond back to her. She even has names for them like you have with your dolls or stuffed animals when you are little. At least I did. Anyways one day the trees are silent. She knows something isn't right. Viola speaks first. She's asking about her family and the Paulie T. That punk Paulie T. says that something bad is going to happen. Everyone seems to think that way. And guess what? There right. And it really is pretty horrible that they are right because you already get to like Ida B. from the start. It's Ida B. not Ida. She really doesn't like it when her kindergarten teacher won't call her that. Ida is her Mama's name. She gets this sinking feeling in school and that how her schooling lasts two weeks and three days. Well until she has to go back. Those trees were right. And she builds up this wall and her heart gets hard so all she is committed to do is to get everythin…

Edward's Eyes by Patricia MacLachlan

The narrator Jake first met Edward when he was three years old. His mother who he never called mother just put him in his arms. Edward opened his beautiful eyes and it was like he was his. He pretty much raised him and read to him about Baseball which he grew to love. Edward even managed to pitch a Knuckleball which was nearly impossible. Everyone pretty much think Edward is great. He is a very insightful kid. He even knows when his sister Sabine is going to be born and he named her too! It's really weird. It's like one new kid gets born and the the one before it takes care of them. Edward likes to believe in signs. So does Albert or maybe it was Trick? Trick is a 90 year old man and Albert is his son who is almost equally as old. They hang around with the rest of the family. A very weird family. There's a couple of older kids but I can't really describe them. I know one loves to read. There mother likes to dance and sing and they own a bookstore.
This book was disappoi…

Cover Love: Edward's Eyes

I love this cover as you may already be aware of. It's just beautiful and makes you think. This book from just the look of the cover and the name it makes you think. I love how Jake is in the background (his older brother) because he is the narrator of the story and it's all about Edward and also partly about his love of baseball. Well as you know this is the next review coming up soon so stay tuned!

Rules by Cynthia Lord

Catherine's little brother is autistic. She has to have rules for him since he doesn't act like he's supposed to. Rules like Pantless brothers are not my problem or No toys in the fish tank hence the cover. As you can see there is a rubber ducky in the fish tank. There are other things that get in there because of David and Catherine makes up what they are saying there. Catherine has Rules of her own too. She has to constantly make sure her brother doesn't embarrass himself well more like her. She sometimes wishes he was normal and that he could stick up for her.
See there is this boy named Ryan who likes to tease David and David doesn't know that he's making fun of him. I don't know how his mother doesn't know he is like that but whatever. Kristi is her new next door neighbor. She so badly wants her to be her best friend and play at the pond or use Morse code with flashlights. She discovers that she isn't the ideal friend especially since she likes…

The Extraordinary Secrets of April, May & June by Robin Benway

April, May, and June are three sisters whose parents have just divorced. After May's tequila breakdown they decided to move. Now there at this new school and about two weeks into it strange things start happening. I know I'm sounding cliche.
April is the eldest and she acts like it. She's pretty protective over her sisters especially June. She's the book worm and gets straight A's. She's bossy too. It all starts with her and her waking up seeing red. We find out later that she can see the future. You know there's going to be trouble already. She can look at people or think about people and sees things. She does this with this guy all of a sudden. They are going out and kissing and other stuff... which wasn't necessary. She knows something with June is going to happen so she tries to prevent it.
May is the middle child and feels completely invisible which is actually her power. Becoming invisible. She is kind of goth I guess. She's a loner too wit abs…

Cover Love: The Extraordinary Secrets of April, May, & June

Such a cover love! So beautiful! I've got a bone to pick with the cover though. The story is about three sisters. April is the eldest, May the middle child, and June the youngest. June is where her name is. She looks older than May! She's supposed to be 12. I thought May would have a looked a little tougher because she has that type of personality. She's supposed to look kind of mean and pretty skinny which she is but just not how she is described in the book. April actually looks pretty good. She looks like she could be the eldest of the three sisters. It's just May and June who are bugging me. Sorry if you are getting confused by the names. The first time I read it I thought I wasn't going to get it but if you don't think about worrying so much you'll get it! There personalities are pretty different so I was able to get used to it. Well now you know what will be my next review. Get excited peoples!

The Sea of Monsters: the movie

You read correctly. There will be a second movie. Why? Because it's not like it totally failed. You know why? Because people who really liked the book actually wanted to see it. Of course you ruined it for them! Ugh. I have no idea if I am going to watch this movie. Maybe I'll have a burst of hope one of these days and decide to watch it. Look what is said about it here. It wasn't a great failure? Nice. Here's another link that talks about it some more. It is being released March 27th 2013. I'm so disappointed in Chris Columbus.

Percy Jackson Highlight: Tyson

Warning: Do not read this if you haven't read the book or you might get some things ruined for you! Continue at your own risk! (;

I'm not going to outwardly put a picture of because that would ruin everything for people who don't want to know yet! But if you do want to know here is my Highlight of the lovable Tyson! Tyson is a Cyclops! Percy couldn't tell right away. He is more than six foot tall. The Mist affected him which was the real problem. It was weird to me because he is a demigod. He probably didn't notice any weird things before he knew but now he should be able to see through it already. I hope that Chiron does one day show him how to control the Mist.
Tyson is compared to an eight year old. He's a baby in the family. When Percy finds out that he actually is his brother he's not too pleased about it. Poor Tyson. I get it though. A Cyclops my brother? Pretty embarrassing. But, he was friends with him all year... I still understand. Tyson loves poni…

The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan

It's been awhile hasn't it? You though I forgot didn't you!? Nope. I remember the Percy Jackson Marathon. Here is the next book up. The second in the Percy Jackson & The Olympians Series.
Instantly Percy is in one of his all to real dreams that are not really dreams they are actually happening. Grover is the center of the dream and he is running trying to get away from something... in a wedding dress. That's pretty awkward for Percy to see Grover like that. Especially since he's a boy! There's just a glimpse of what he is doing then. There is more throughout the book but right now Percy is waking up to a start. Not only that he actually sees a shadow through his window and then it just vanishes. He goes and gets breakfast. No I'm not going to recant the whole book. It's just I wanted to post a really wonderful quote. My mom made blue waffles and blue eggs for breakfast. She's funny that way, celebrating special occasions with blue food. I think it…

Cruisin' thru the Cozies Reading Challenge 2012

I've entered my first challenge with this blog! I've never read any cozies but they look like they'll be fun to read. I'm going for Investigator with 10 books. Here are the rules:
1.Choose the level you wish to participate"
Level 1- Snoop- Read at least 6 books Level 2- Investigator- Read 7-12 books Level 3- Super Sleuth- Read 13 or more books
2.The challenge runs from January 1, 2012 and ends December 31, 2012
3.You don't have to choose your books in advance. If you do, you can change your list at any time during the year. Books can overlap with other challenges.
4.Books can be any format- paper, audio, all counts!
5.You don't have to post a review, but I'm sure others would love to know about the books you are reading and may even want to add it to their reading lists.
This challenge is being hosted at Socrates' Book Reviews.

How to Train Your Dragon: the movie

As I said in the last post the book and the movie of How to Train Your Dragon have completely different concepts. Dragons terrorize his home and take the villagers sheep which causes the Vikings to want to fight back. This all results in their homes being severely damaged with fire! So they don't train dragons they train to fend themselves against them and kill them. Hiccup is his same awkward self but he looks a little different. He is still very intelligent and he even creates useful things throughout the movie. The Night Fury is like the Nightmare dragon but way cooler! He is more stealthier. He is not small but he does stand out of the crowd. He is the dragon that everyone (I guess you wouldn't say fear?) sees as the strongest. He's a pretty funny character when you see him starting to open to Hiccup. The only reason is because he is stuck in this low place after Hiccup actually hurt his wing. They bond together after awhile and he creates a something to help him fly. T…

How to Train Your Dragon: The Heroic Misadventures of Hiccup the Viking as told to Cressida Cowell

As I have seen the movie before I felt that I wasn't going to like this as much when I started reading because of how different it is to the movie. That is a conversation for a later time. Now on to the book!
Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third is the Chief's son. He is the heir to the tribe of the Hairy Hooligans. There is a slight problem with that because unlike his father, Stoick the Vast, he isn't big or murderous or even really like a hero he is supposed to be. A Viking Warrior is not how you would describe him. He is a puny thing with flame red hair. He is going into Initiation now. It's either "DEATH OR GLORY!" because if he doesn't complete the initiation he will be exiled and his father's brother son (cousin) Snotlout will become the heir and he has the right stuff for it. He is the perfect bully and doesn't just hide behind others because he is as strong as well.
Now these 10 boys at the age of 10 must go to the Dragon's Nursery and …

The Orchard by Jeffrey Stepakoff

This isn't my usual book but it was for a group on Goodreads so I decided to read it and I liked the summary. It's more of a book that an adult would read.
Grace Lyndon is this determined and a bit obsessive worker. She has it all figured out. She goes everywhere to search new fragrances that are natural and the best to use on perfumes. She's working in Paris where her perfume is being launched but not with her name attached to it. Instead her boss gets all the credit. In walks Bill, an owner of a flavor company located in Georgia, and he is appealing to Grace's... hmm lets say want of recognition. He is giving her total creative control. She ends up going with his company. About (I think) 18 months later she's at her new job and the biggest account that has come by for the company is on Grace's shoulders. It's close to a billion dollar deal that can change the company forever. She nails it.
Dylan Jackson works on an Orchard (yeah I think you could have gues…

Hunger Games Trailer!

Thank you Waking Brain Cells for this link! Click on the blogs link! Here.
Not what I expected but some parts look promising.

The Lightning Thief: The Movie

Okay. Just to prepare you I'm going to rant and might go a little crazy so... I never thought I was one of those people. The people who go crazy when everything isn't perfect in a book turned into a movie. I did not watch this movie over again because I didn't want to torture myself. Others have watched this and not read the book. I kind of envy them if they can like it. I don't even think I would even like it if I didn't read the book. There are so many problems with this movie.
Ummm... There supposed to be twelve! Really? Really? They are no child actors at all!? The actors are okay but they are in there 20s. At least Annabeth's character is. I have the biggest problem with her. I can't really tell but I think she doesn't even have grey eyes which is the signature mark of all Athena children. If so I have this to say, "Really? You couldn't put contacts on. You are an actress! Get used to it." She looks like she has green eyes so... ): A…

What!? Who's 18!?

Oh, yeah that's me! It's pretty weird to be considered an adult. You never feel any different when your birthday comes so I know I'll have to get used to it. I always do but... still! I obtained two bookshelves from my parents in the summer. I also got to pick out a book the weekend before. I love my parents! (:I got The Death Cure which if the last book of the Maze Runner Trilogy. It's going to be epic. I basically hung out with my brother after school. It was a nice day. 18 years of life... thank God. See you guys.

Percy Jackson Highlight: Grover

As I posted earlier I might have gods or other character highlights after a Percy book. So I'm having one on Grover. As you know Grover is Percy's friend. He goes with him to Yancy Academy for a year. He can't go to gym class because he has this limp. The book later explains that it was because he is a Satyr. A Satyr is part goat. Percy thought he was part donkey and Grover got a bit indignant when he said that. It was an insult that could get you killed he said. He limps because of the way he moves. You know how a horse clomps? Like that. That's why he limps. He has fake legs but without it he has two hairy legs. He's like the guy Lucy meets in Narnia.
Dionysus is the master of the Satyrs. It says everywhere else that he was actually a companion. He gets in trouble because he didn't do a good job on his mission. Percy is alive yes but Percy is the one who carried Grover to the Big House. Percy's mother also didn't make it so... he gets a little bit ch…

The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

I know I need to be more timely I know. Well on to the review. First of all I must say I LOVE Percy Jackson. He is so sarcastically hilarious. This series is so entertaining. It is one of the best series out there.

Percy Jackson is dyslexic and has ADHD. He gets kicked out of every school he can get into. Things happen to him all the time that he cannot explain. He doesn't know what he is yet but he's about to find out. He's at a museum on a school field trip with fellow screw ups. Mr. Brunner, his Latin teacher, is talking about Greek Mythology. He is singled out to answer a question. He is always singled out he feels by Mr. Brunner. It's like he is expected to know more with all of his problems. He actually does try with Mr. Brunner because he is his favorite teacher. He randomly gears up in armor and challenges his students to answer questions. He is a pretty cool teacher.
Later on him and his friend Grover are eating lunch. Grover is being teased and has food bein…

The Lightning Thief: the cover

Before I get into anything I would like to say sorry I haven't posted lately. I actually have been busy since I have the SAT coming up tomorrow! I'm posting this up to get you guys excited! I should be posting up the actual review of the first book tomorrow after the SAT. I might again add books in between.
The Lightning Thief. The start of it all! I did ramble earlier on how amazing this book is so I won't do it here. I'll wait for the review. The reason I wanted to highlight this cover was because it is the start of it all. You can tell a lot about the cover. I actually doubted who his godly father was til they he was actually claimed. I should have known. The cover shouts (I kind of have to tell you the godly parent because it's a major part of the story)Poseidon! Everyone figured it out before me but I kept wondering if he was Zeus's kid. Page 9 is where I should have given that up. A wave roared in my ears. I don't remember touching her, but the next thi…